About Kavala

H Kavala is the capital of Kavala peripheral unit and geographically located in eastern Macedonia. The city of Kavala is built at the foot of the mountain symbol and is the second largest city in Macedonia. It is 680 km from Athens and 165 km from Thessaloniki.

The history of Kavala starts from prehistoric times and extends to today. Reports that the one lost in epic narratives and the other recorded in the records of the Athenian Alliance. On the one hand, the city was world famous for the arrival of the democratic forces of the Roman Empire with a view of the historic Battle of Philippi and the other for the arrival of the apostle Paul, making Neapolis (modern Kavala) first European city that accepted Christianity. It is famous for its magnificent works of Byzantine and Turkish (such as the Castle and Arches) and for having been the birthplace of Muhammad Ali, viceroy of Egypt. Alongside the modern history of the city has some equally interesting both for kapnergasia and the first strikes in the Balkans (1896) and for the rich industrial activity dominated by the black gold.

Kavala although modern urban center, has numerous beaches, places for recreation and hiking trails. It is one of the few cities of Greece into the urban fabric has 4 organized beaches. West, Beach Rapsanis, the municipal beach Kalamitsa and multi Batis. Then Batis if you follow this route you will find the wonderful organized large unorganized small beaches Palio and then the Irakleitsa and Peramou. Alongside the other side of town if you move east to visit the long beach Perigiálion which many residents choose and then the village is also New Karvali beach.